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We have secured $80 million to finally build the Dorset Rd extension!

This has been on the books for decades, and now can be done.

It will make a huge difference to local traffic, and take cars off suburban streets in Ferntree Gully as people presently do the rat-run to avoid Glenfern Rd.

This comes on top of:

- $50m to duplicate Napoleon Road

- $6m to get Henderson Rd bridge finally built

- More carparks at FTG & other stations up the line

- Absolute commitment to East West Link

- $500m to widen the Monash

- $475m for first instalment of Rowville Rail

- More local black spot funding.

Let’s get Knox moving again!


1. Where will go?

The existing plans have Dorset Rd extending from Burwood Highway down the existing reservation to Napoleon Rd and then onto Lysterfield Road.

2. How much will it cost?

The estimates are between $49m and $80m.  We have allocated the full $80m so there is no excuse not to build it!

3. When can it start?

The money would be provided to the State Government who would then build it. Given the fact that it is fully funded, the planning can start immediately. They would likely build Dorset Rd extension and Napoleon Rd as one project.

4. What if the Liberals lose government?

The $80m is locked in the budget as a decision of government.  This is different to an election promise.  However, if Labor won government, they could potentially cancel the project, just as they cancelled the East West Link.  A Liberal Government guarantees it happening!

5. Consultation process?

Any major road like this will have a detailed consultation process over a long period to determine the precise details. 

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